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Beatflipz is the perfect assistant for the modern day beat maker and producer. Generate suggestions and videos for your beats and remixes. Standout from the competition.

Beatflipz saves you time from tedious video editing apps with custom pre-made videos for your beats

Tired of tedious video editing?

Producing quality content takes time and effort. Whether you're putting together a beat, shooting a video, or writing a song, it's important to take your time and get it right.

Beatflipz automates the tedious video editing process.  Save time making videos from your productions with Beatflipz.

What is Beatflipz?

Beatflipz is a desktop application that helps producers save time making videos from their production. Beatflipz saves you from tedious video editing apps. Just point and click from premade videos for your beats. Beatflipz is also an automated suggestion engine for remixes. Beatflipz integrates m3u files that integrate with Dj software like VirtualDJ to take your production to the next level

Create video promo for your tracks

In a minute you can create a video of your tracks using Beatflipz. Just select a template and add your music. It's that easy! You can also use Beatflipz to save time when creating visualizers for Instagram or other social media platforms.

Organize and Remix

Beatflipz allows you to set your music and beat libraries while letting you setup suggestions at an artist, album level

Beatflipz works with VirtualDJ to read metadata from your music library.

Remix Suggestions

Watch how easy it is to generate suggestions for artists in your music library. Start making mashups instantly

Tag & Rate your beats

No more keeping separate spreadsheets of miscellaneous folders on your desktop to stay organized.

Beatflipz gives your tagging and rating features to keep your mind at ease

Tag beats and set ratings

New Beat? Have an artist in mind?

Beatflipz allow you to associate artists with tracks. Useful for sending submissions to multiple artists without missing a beat.

"I constantly make remix tapes and Beatflipz streamlines a lot of my workflow. The video creation and the suggestion features really cuts the time in half."

credits: Prodigy from Mobb Deep,
Juelz Santana, Obie Trice

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The perfect assistant for the modern day beatmaker


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